Humaniza has an international team of consultants, trainers and coaches with extensive experience in the business field, who share the same approach, language and methodology, which allows us to maintain and guarantee our commitment to results.


Humaniza makes Human Talent the decisive advantage to turn dreams into business results

Since 2003 when we began working as an international strategic consultancy, Humaniza has consolidated its experience developing the capacity for change and transformation of companies, and turning it into its highest value.

The spirit that pervades our work is to make the people who make up the organizations feel part of them, so that they guarantee sustained and lasting growth, building a meaningful future.

We have Gesthum, a proprietary method developed by Humaniza focused on innovation in management and leadership.

We are recognized for proposing effective and creative solutions that meet the true needs of organizations.

Our reason for being: Contribute to the humanization of organizations

  • The purpose of humaniza is to contribute to co-creating new organizations that evolve and transcend in their actions so that they act with coherence and meaning, thus achieving their objectives.
  • From our experience working with Human Resources departments, we perceive the new needs generated by current business models and relationships, we provide the necessary focus, an expert consulting vision and the concrete tools to generate the necessary transformation.
  • We bring to light new paradigms that make it possible to create the human enterprise of the 21st century.

Our contribution: Co-create leadership environments where people work in freedom, awareness and responsibility.

  • Our activity focuses on the development of conscious, passionate and inspiring leadership, which facilitates the creation of the common good.
  • For this, we work with our clients with responsibility and full confidence, linking ourselves in the long term, helping them to develop and transform organizations into the best places to be and be.

Our values: courage, generosity and commitment.

  • Courage, such as the ability to dare to face challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Generosity, as an attitude of delivery.
  • Commitment, as the willingness to do what is necessary to achieve results.

We are recognized for our determined, generous and passionate actions in exploring and proposing effective and creative solutions that meet the true needs of organizations.

Our value proposition:

  • The commitment to ensure that the impact of our actions is measurable.
  • Create and contribute value in our actions in a manner consistent with the organizational principles and practices of our clients, knowing that each of them is a world in itself.