Humaniza and Omnia XXI, Human Resources consultants with more than 20 years of experience, have decided to join their visions, efforts and resources to put them at the service of organizations that seek to optimize the relationship with their candidates and employees.

Our aim

We offer effective solutions focusing on a triple objective:

  • Capture talent by attracting the best candidates for the organization and facilitating their integration into the company.
  • Improve the efficiency, satisfaction, performance and productivity of your employees through the appropriate development plans.
  • Facilitate the transition for employees leaving the company, ensuring their rapid incorporation into new and excellent job opportunities.
  • We listen and understand the nature of the companies we advise and accompany, which allows us to adapt to each one of them with plans tailored to both our own circumstances and a constantly evolving labor market.

We have a senior team of consultants, coaches and psychologists who come from both the consulting field and the business world with extensive proven experience in different sectors and activities, experts in creating successful teams adapted to each project, so that, from commitment and quickly and effectively, companies achieve:

  • Improvement in employee satisfaction
  • Productivity increase
  • Employee loyalty
  • Improvement of the company image
  • Increase in innovation capacity
  • Time optimization and cost reduction

A company is the result of its talent and therefore, as necessary as attracting it is to retain it and promote it at the right time and to the right position, throughout its career in the company.

The principles and values of a company are as important as its income statement. Talent has to be aligned with the essence, hence choosing the leaders of these companies requires a meticulous, complete and expert selection process.

Layoff, both individual and collective, is one of the most delicate moments for a company, since it can damage its future image both inside and outside the company.

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