Nowadays the principles and values of a company are as important as its income statement. Talent has to be aligned with the essence, hence choosing the leaders of these companies requires a meticulous, complete and expert selection process.

Attraction and search for talent

Our commitment is to find the best candidate for each company and project and we do so based on two pillars:

  • Our exhaustive knowledge of the national and international labor market, and of recruitment sources, both traditional and technological.
  • Our team of expert consultants in the areas of Business, Psychology and Coaching, who allow us to make a complete evaluation of the candidate, both their skills, their attitude and their commitment.
  • Our work methodology provides speed, efficiency, integrity and commitment, qualities that identify us. We also have a team prepared to provide support, if the company requires it, in the negotiation process with the final candidate.

The final candidate will also have the support of our team of expert career management coaches, who will facilitate the integration process through coaching sessions during the first three months of the candidate joining the company.