Labor separation, whether it is an individual or collective process, is one of the most delicate moments that a company faces, since it can damage its future image both inside and outside of it.

Disengagement and career transition

The purpose of this process is that the employee separated from the organization can soon reintegrate into the professional world. To do this, we apply a global approach to deal with these types of situations. To do this we focus on two aspects:

  • We provide the company with the most effective communication tools so that the separation process is carried out in an ethical manner and with the maximum sensitivity and respect for those involved. In this way, the image of the company is even reinforced, both internally and externally.
  • We accompany people who leave the company in their transition process from both a technical and emotional perspective.

Through transition coaching, we develop and enhance self-knowledge, confidence, clarity of objectives, motivation and the most appropriate search techniques for each professional profile that makes it easier for them to achieve a faster reintegration into the labor market in an appropriate project. to your profile and expectations.